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Outdoor Greeting Cards

Outdoor Greeting Cards are greeting cards that feature beautiful outdoor photography on the front, and have a web link on the back to details about the photo on the card (things like location, camera used, and often some backstory about the trip or adventure on which the photo was taken). For more information, go to OutdoorGreetingCards.com.

Eremos Life

Eremos Life is a blog and YouTube channel about family outdoor adventures! Check it out for inspiration, tips, tricks, product advice, and trip reports. The website is EremosLife.com.


Does your church have a unified and high impact online presence? Do you have a social media strategy and an up-to-date website? What about your branding? If a non-member were to search for your church online, what would they find? Would they get the information that they are looking for in a concise form? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, check out WPMinistry.online.

Brent A Wilson Blog

This site is where Brent will be describing the steps of his venture into entrepreneurship, along with occasional faith based and opinion blog posts. Check back often to stay up-to-date with Brent’s journey! brentawilson.com.

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